Azure Stack TP2 November Update released

  Microsoft released Azure Stack TP2 Update. With this update you have to do a reinstall of your host and they have enabled Azure Stack PaaS services like SQL, MySQL and App Services. Compared with the TP1 App Services new features are enabled like Mobile and API apps: To get started download the TP2 bits here […]

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Azure Stack TP2 nested on VMware ESXi 6

Intro Before you begin reading I want to warn you that running Hyper-V and Azure Stack in a nested hypervisor setup on VMware is not supported in any way by Microsoft. However, Microsoft is open to hear any feedback and experience leveraging nested virtualization which results in my feedback and tweaks to get TP2 going using a nested […]

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Differentiate with Azure Stack

Introduction Many exciting things happened since my two lengthy blogs about the changing cloud landscape, the business aspect and how Azure Stack fits in. Shortly after, I went to the US representing a large HSP at the Azure Stack airlift in Bellevue near Redmond. The airlift provided a large amount of information and covered every aspect of […]

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Let’s talk business: MAS vs WAP

Azure Stack Azure Pack with System Center Availability Targeted for mid-CY2017 as part of an integrated system. Available. Hardware Azure Stack will be part of an integrated out-of-the box hardware solution provided by Dell, HPE and Lenovo. Over time, Microsoft will broaden the ecosystem of supported systems and implementation approaches. Choose your own hardware. Model […]

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Adding and using OS Gallery Items to Azure Stack TP2

In the previous post we added the CentOS 7.2 image to the stack and if you took the PowerShell deployment scenario, we ended up with a gallery item as well (if you did not follow the PowerShell deployment method, don’t worry as it’s not needed to follow along). In this blog, we’ll create a custom […]

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Dive into Microsoft Azure Stack Architecture (part 1)

Hall C1 can take 2,000 people and every one of them was present for Spencer Shepler’s Dive into Microsoft Azure Stack Architecture session. Azure Stack Integrated Systems First picture Spencer showed was of the three Azure Stack integrated systems by HPE, Dell EMC and Lenovo. A must see on the booth of Ignite 2016. Timelines A […]

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